What I see as a mental health nurse, so often, is people coming in needing help because they are depressed and disengaged. Of course every situation is unique, but I’ve noticed a theme. It seems many, if not most people falling into a depression experience two things;

1) Loneliness
2) Boredom

We live in an extremely individualistic society here in Canada. We are taught at a young age that we are here to accomplish our own personal goals on our own- but this is not the case!

We are meant to be with people! We are meant to work together. Interactions with people keep things interesting and they keep us sharing new ideas and progressing, helping one another using each persons strengths along the way.


If you are lonely and bored how to do you make community?

1) Go to community events. Especially this time of year there are a ton of community events to attend outdoors, and many for free. Go! And talk to people while you are there. Make plans to meet them somewhere in the future doing something, possibly a healthy activity that you both enjoy.

2) Learn something new. Attend a night class to learn something new. If you are trying to learn something new you will have a goal and a way to spend spare time. Also, this is a great place to meet people and studying is a good reason to get together with someone new.  Plus learning keeps your brain active and also it builds further self esteem and confidence.

3) Search for likeable people. Do you work with someone who seems like a good personality fit for you? Is there someone even online via Facebook that you have been wanting to spend time with? You have nothing to lose, just ask them to hang out.

4) POTLUCK. My favourite! Something we all have in common is that we all eat! Invite everyone you know to come have dinner at your place, let everyone meet one another and before you know it, some your friends will be friends with each other! Share food and stories and spread the love!

5) Give. The thing about giving is that you often get more out of giving than you do out of getting! Giving is getting :) Giving is one of the most rewarding things you can do. No matter how little you have, there is always someone who has less. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee, give your cans to someone in need, send a letter to someone letting them know you are thinking of them and that you love them. Then sit down and feel good about yourself. Everybody wins.


Last year I moved to Lasqueti Island, a small community of 400 people (in the winter) and no electrical grid. What amazed me about this place was of course the natural beauty of the gulf island, but even more so the cohesive community. When I moved there, the locals greeted me saying “Welcome home!”. Living remotely with no electrical grid is one commonality that has brought many of these colourful folks together. It goes to show that many times, less is more. :)


Simple Solution

Simplicity. Living the simple life. Simple solutions for the simple minded. Keeping it simple…

Simplification is a key step to living a happier life. When we are bogged down with busy schedules, clutter, and things we don’t need, we get so wrapped up in responding to the next task that we have no time to experience the now.

The following is a few tips on how to live a simple life:

1) Schedule time for yourself

Just as you would schedule in a doctors appointment or anything else, pencil, or better yet pen, in a block of time that is just for you to spend with yourself doing something you truly enjoy.

2) Throw away stuff you don’t use. Stop buying junk that you don’t need

De-clutter. If you don’t use it, lose it. If it collects dust it is not useful enough to keep. Stuff can bog you down emotionally and you will feel a purge of energy if you purge your unnecessary things.

3) Make cleaning the house at night a routine that everyone is involved in

Waking up to a space that is clean is a great way to start a day. Clearing your space outside helps to clear your head space on the inside. It allows you to focus on whatever task is at hand.

4) Learn to say no

Time is precious. There will be many opportunities to do all kinds of things with all kinds of people. Take time to think about what you really wish to do and to be with people that typically energize you. Make time only for the things that you really love.

5) Limit media consumption

Television, computers, radio, background noises of all kinds. Turn it off. Have no technology time every day. Limit the time you spend wasted on checking mailboxes more often than necessary.

I won’t clutter your mind with too many solutions of how to simplify. However, in my searches I did find the following site to be one that I enjoyed  reading the most.

This site give you a short and a long list. The short list of course being my favourite. It goes like this;

1) Indentify what is most important to you.
2) Eliminate everything else.


Check out the long list here: