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Badass Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Russell Brand! Undoubtedly fits all definitions of a bAdAss.  This dude is controversial without at doubt.

He is admittedly far from perfect. A successful addict of attention, sex and substances Russell raced to the top of fortune and fame in a fairly short period of time.

He lived a true rock star styled life, finding fortune and fame as a comedian and actor. He knew from an early age that he had to be famous. He saw no other way. Well, he got what he wanted! And found it completely unfulfilling.

Unfulfilled and famous, he went searching for something more. He began asking himself questions. Like, “Why if all  my dreams have come true am I not at all happy?”

From there he found  Transcendental Meditation and yoga and started doing both regularly.

He learned about his flaming ego and took steps to humble himself and live with it in harmony. Russell currently is enjoying a slightly more low-key life with a wife (Laura Gallacher) and a young babe named Mabel. He’s now going to University to get a degree in Religion in Global Politics. He now produces podcasts about political issues.

Check out his newest podcast series “Under The Skin” 

What I love about Russell is he speaks his mind and he goes for what he wants. He doesn’t hold back… I don’t think he knows how.

He is always pushing to learn more and to share what he has learned  with the world. He is a truth seeker.

Not only is he hilarious, bold and sexy, he is determined to make positive changes in himself and in the world. And that’s bAdAss.

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