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7 Ways to get Happy for the Holidays

The holidays supposed to be merry, so here are some tips to help you endure, and maybe even enjoy these special times.

1) Keep up your routine – Instead of saying “oh it’s the holidays…I’ll get back to it after Christmas” try to keep on track throughout Christmas and you won’t have to spend the first two weeks of a new year just catching up to things you let go over Christmas break. You will be ahead of the game and start the new year off happier for it.

2) Practice gratitude – Isn’t that really what the holidays are all about? Being grateful for what we have? So even if it isn’t much, be grateful for what you have in your life. If you are living in abundance, be grateful and share with those who may have less. This is the time for giving, any receiving is simply a side effect of all the giving going on.

3) Have a plan – Of course things over the holidays are not expected to always go as planned, but it’s still good to have an outline. In your plan include the things that you are doing for sure. Know the things you need to do and say no to things that are unnecessary. The holidays are for relaxing, not for stressing about the things your supposed to be doing.

4) Be self-aware – How are you feeling about the holidays? How are you taking care of yourself? How are you treating others? The better you care for yourself over these last few weeks of the year, the better you can extend kindness and patience to your family, loved ones, and strangers. Be as kind as possible to yourself and extend that kindness to those around you.

5) Move your body – Do some dancing, yoga, active gaming, a sporting tournament, whatever it is get moving over the holidays. Studies show that starting to exercise regularly is equally effective as an anti-depressant for some people. If the holidays have you blue, get moving and watch your colour shine through.

6) Avoid the urge to over-indulge – Maybe a plan to stick to your routine includes your diet. There are many temptations to over-indulge over the holidays. Sometimes it’s okay to give in and this might be one of those times for you. Maybe pick one day over the holidays where you can eat as much as you want/can. We all know that being so full it hurts isn’t actually an enjoyable sensation. Have a treat here or there and find moderation. If moderation is not a word in your world, then abstinence is your ticket.

7) Smile and laugh your way through it – Our minds and bodies are one. If you smile and laugh, messages are sent to your brain that stimulate the release of endorphins. So, when your dad starts with his lame puns and stupid jokes, smile and laugh not only will it make him feel witty, but you will receive the health benefits and your mood will be magnituded 😉

Good luck!