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Badass Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Russell Brand! Undoubtedly fits all definitions of a bAdAss.  This dude is controversial without at doubt.

He is admittedly far from perfect. A successful addict of attention, sex and substances Russell raced to the top of fortune and fame in a fairly short period of time.

He lived a true rock star styled life, finding fortune and fame as a comedian and actor. He knew from an early age that he had to be famous. He saw no other way. Well, he got what he wanted! And found it completely unfulfilling.

Unfulfilled and famous, he went searching for something more. He began asking himself questions. Like, “Why if all  my dreams have come true am I not at all happy?”

From there he found  Transcendental Meditation and yoga and started doing both regularly.

He learned about his flaming ego and took steps to humble himself and live with it in harmony. Russell currently is enjoying a slightly more low-key life with a wife (Laura Gallacher) and a young babe named Mabel. He’s now going to University to get a degree in Religion in Global Politics. He now produces podcasts about political issues.

Check out his newest podcast series “Under The Skin” 

What I love about Russell is he speaks his mind and he goes for what he wants. He doesn’t hold back… I don’t think he knows how.

He is always pushing to learn more and to share what he has learned  with the world. He is a truth seeker.

Not only is he hilarious, bold and sexy, he is determined to make positive changes in himself and in the world. And that’s bAdAss.

Click here to learn more about Russell Brand


Got the News Blues?

Is keeping up with the daily news giving you the blues?

Well then, stop it already!

One of the key ways to feel happier is to stop focusing attention on things that make you feel miserable, fearful, overwhelmed… like the news!

Naturally, we humans seek what is new and tend to ignore what is old and familiar. The news uses sensationalism to provoke excitement and interest in people (which increases their ratings) at the expense of providing accurate information.

We know that the news is most often skewed one way or the other. Keeping up with inaccurate information that is fed to make people feel afraid and vulnerable is ludicrous.

Why do you want to watch the news even though it makes you feel awful? Well, because you, like all of us are probably addicted to dopamine!

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that makes us feel good, really good. And wanting to continue to feel that way makes us crave this brain chemical.

Dopamine is the source of all of our addictions. Cocaine, coffee, sex, news… they all give us a hit of it. Even checking our text messages and social media sites give us a hit.

So what? If we like it, lets just keep doing it. I’m always advocating that people do what makes them feel good so what’s my problem with dopamine?

Well my problem is, is that long term, continuing to chase our next hit of dopamine will fuck us up! Big time!

The more we chase the next dopamine hit, the less control we have over ourselves. The more we walk down that shortcut to the dopamine feel good centre, the more our other, more scenic and leisurely paths overgrow.

beautiful path
beautiful path

It’s those scenic and leisurely paths that lead us to creativity and will connect us to our spirit. The more we wander on these more wholesome paths, the happier we will be. The more time we take on these paths,the more able we will be to respond to the situations in our lives that are effecting us directly with compassion and care.

Leave the news off. Focus on yourself, your immediate surroundings and making the small changes you can make on a daily basis to make these surroundings more harmonious, beautiful and fulfilling.

That’s the news for today.


Do What You Want When you Want


Do what you want when you wanna do it! This includes making changes in your life! Lets play with the idea that you don’t need to force change upon yourself until you are ready.

Imagine you are a flower, closed tight like a tulip bulb. How hard will it be to open you when you are still a bulb? If someone tries to pry that flower open when it is closed, it’s extremely difficult and if you are forced open, it won’t be beautiful petals- that’s for sure.

Waiting for times of natural change is okay. Trust that you will know when you are ready. Hold the intention and have faith that you will change when you are ready.

Making changes hard, and nearly impossible if you are not ready. Most of us don’t like things that are hard and we certainly don’t like doing things before we are ready. We like things cheap, convenient, fast and easy. Well… Good news. I’m here to tell you that change can be like that too!

You’ve all heard stories of people who smoked for 40 years and then one day “just decided” to quit. And did “cold turkey.”

Fun fact: Cold turkey was first used in 1910, and may not actually mean a cold turkey, but rather, the word “cold” is implied as a personality trait of being blunt and matter-of-fact. The turkey part comes from an old slang “talk turkey” which means to speak plainly. It was also later suspected that this saying refers to the symptoms of withdrawal that occur when someone suddenly quits heroin.  Read more about cold turkey’s origins

You know why these people were able to quit? Because they were ready! Screw all of that motivational B.S. about “Start today” “Quit Now”. I say “No way!” Wait! Keep doing the thing you are ambivalent about changing until that day comes when you wake up and think to yourself “Fuck this. I’m done” And that will be that. Plain and simple.

Every behaviour is addicting in its own right. Each time you do a behaviour, it is more likely that you will do a similar behaviour again. For example, if you decide to go to the gym today, it is more likely that you will decide to go to the gym tomorrow.

But, if you choose to hang out and drink beer today, then it is more likely you will hangout and drink beer tomorrow (by the way, I’m am not implying either is the right or choice here, I think both are great).

The truth is, we will not change until we are ready to change. And we, as humans,  are lazy by nature! So we will continue doing whatever it is we are doing until something happens and we NEED to change. And then BAM! Change happens! You just decide.

Why waste time trying? There is no trying, only doing. If you wanna be bad ass, do what you want, when you  want, until you don’t want to do it any more. Then quit. And then release a long sigh of contentment, as you continue on enjoying the simplicity of your life.



“She loves the smell of coffee, bloomed roses, and new beginnings” — Sonia Azalea

“Change is the only constant thing in life” — Heraclitus

“Change is the end result of all true learning” — Leo Buscaglia

and of course….

“This too shall pass”


Caffiene Chemistry

As with most things, our love for caffeine, comes down to brain chemistry! I am no chemist, but here are the basics. It’s all about neurotransmitters adenosine, adrenaline (epinephrine) and dopamine.

Adenosine is made in the brain and once it is made, it searches for its receptor to bond with. The reaction of the binding of adenosine and its receptor causes drowsiness by slowing down nerve cell activity.

This also causes blood vessels to dilate, increasing the amount of oxygen into the organs. Chemically, caffeine looks like adenosine. So, it fits into adenosine’s receptor cell.

This disables adenosine from binding with its receptor and it causes the opposite reaction. When these two bind, instead of causing the vasodilatation and drowsiness that would normally occur with adenosine, the caffeine causes the nerve cells to speed up.

This causes blood vessels to constrict and causes increased neuron firing. In response to the increased  neuron firing, the pituitary gland prepares for an emergency.

A “fight or flight” response occurs and the adrenal glands produce epinephrine (adrenalin).  

During our “fight or flight” caused by epinephrine, our pupils dilate, our airways open, muscles tighten, our blood pressure rises, blood flow is directed to the main organs and less into the extremities, the liver releases sugar into the blood stream, and blood flow to the stomach slows. Now we are ready for action! Many of us in this mild fight or flight response function better than we would otherwise. We are more alert and we are ready for anything!

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that activates the pleasure centres in parts of the brain. Caffeine slows down the reabsorption rate of dopamine down (as does heroine and cocaine).

This leaves more dopamine in the synapse, available for use. Having more dopamine makes us feel fantastic. The dopamine is a key contributor to our world wide caffeine addiction.

That’s the end of our basic caffeine chemistry lesson for today. Remember:

  • Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.
  • Too much coffee can decrease serotonin levels (another feel good brain neurotransmitter).
  • Too much caffeine also will interfere with your sleep.

The emphasis here is “too much”; however, drinking between 400-500mg of coffee daily can actually have health benefits. Another rule of thumb….

Moderation is key if you wanna stay happy. :)