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Badass Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Russell Brand! Undoubtedly fits all definitions of a bAdAss.  This dude is controversial without at doubt.

He is admittedly far from perfect. A successful addict of attention, sex and substances Russell raced to the top of fortune and fame in a fairly short period of time.

He lived a true rock star styled life, finding fortune and fame as a comedian and actor. He knew from an early age that he had to be famous. He saw no other way. Well, he got what he wanted! And found it completely unfulfilling.

Unfulfilled and famous, he went searching for something more. He began asking himself questions. Like, “Why if all  my dreams have come true am I not at all happy?”

From there he found  Transcendental Meditation and yoga and started doing both regularly.

He learned about his flaming ego and took steps to humble himself and live with it in harmony. Russell currently is enjoying a slightly more low-key life with a wife (Laura Gallacher) and a young babe named Mabel. He’s now going to University to get a degree in Religion in Global Politics. He now produces podcasts about political issues.

Check out his newest podcast series “Under The Skin” 

What I love about Russell is he speaks his mind and he goes for what he wants. He doesn’t hold back… I don’t think he knows how.

He is always pushing to learn more and to share what he has learned  with the world. He is a truth seeker.

Not only is he hilarious, bold and sexy, he is determined to make positive changes in himself and in the world. And that’s bAdAss.

Click here to learn more about Russell Brand


Always Get What You Want and Achieve your Goals

How to never let a goal go unaccomplished again –> Don’t set any  goals.

How to get what you want –> Want what you get.

Every one knows the classic way to set a goal right? The classic “SMART” goal formula?

Action orientated
Time based

Well… I don’t know about you, but I’ve set a fair amount of these kind of goals… I rarely accomplish them, and often I “change my mind” before I cross the finish line and smack the hand of accomplishment as I wiz by singing my own celebratory tune.

bAdAss quick tip: If a tool doesn’t work, don’t use it. 

We all  have brains. Our brains are malleable, and yes, they have more plasticity than we initially imagined. That being said, our human nature is still to stay the same. Our human nature is to go towards comfort and away from pain and discomfort.

And guess what? Typically making positive changes in the direction of living a badass fulfilling and awesome life is frickin’ scary!

Ahhhhhh! Scream loud if you’re scared. Ahhhhhhh!

Studies are finding now that goal setting can actually be detrimental not only for individuals, but also on the corporate level. Large companies that set high goals for producing products can tend to skip necessary steps and use unethical ways to accomplish these goals.

Example: Ford made a goal to build a car that was less than 2000 pounds and less than $2000. They did it! But at what price? They skipped safety testing and later discovered that the gas tank was quick to explode if rear-ended. Fifty-three people died. Oops!

Read Ford Pinto’s defence in the Chicago Tribune Feb.19, 1980

Setting specific goals can affect you negatively! They can

  • Leave you slacking and losing balance in other areas of your life
  • Lead to narrow minded thinking
  • Promote white lies to yourself and others to achieve it
  • Increase sense of ego
  • Decrease intrinsic motivation

Wow! See?! Goals are nothing but bad news!

Okay so now you are left asking “well what the heck? If I want to release my inner bAdAss I gotta do something, and now you’re telling me not to set goals so what the hell?!”

What the hell is right! So what I say always is find out what works for you and DO THAT! If you set goals and accomplish them, by all means keep doing it. And teach me how please! But if you want an alternative, I have some ideas.

If you must make goals, figure out the goal formula that works for you. Do you work best with big goals or small ones? Large concepts or specifics?

bAdAss quick tip: Don’t let anyone else tell you what works for you. 

Personally I like using large concepts and I give them a year to come into my life. I write the concepts down on a piece of paper that is taped to my wall where I look in the mirror in the morning when I wake up. I read the words and watch them slowly fade on the paper as they develop into my life. If I were to recommend anything about setting goals, this would be my advice.

  • Make them awesome, fun and exciting! If you wanna get stronger, then join a class that is fun, like kickboxing, breakdancing or gymnastics.
  • Know in your heart why achieving that goal is important to you. Whatever it is, you must have a reason.
  • Do not make your fears goal orientated. i.e.”Stop eating burned toast so I don’t get cancer”. Never make goals based on fear.
  • Life is for enjoying and having fun. If working on the things you want more of in life isn’t fun then why would you want more of them in the first place?

How about this for a goal: Enjoy today as much as possible.



“You don’t get what you want in life, you get what you are” — Les Brown