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My Friends, The Ferns

Updated: Jan 4

I live on a small secluded island. It's easy for me to walk and see nothing but trees. As the forest I walk daily becomes more familiar, the trees become my friends.

I see organized chaos and admire how each dying leaf supports the growth of the larger tree. As I witness these things I cannot help but to think about my own life. If I have a problem I can look to the forest to set an example of how to make every piece of life (and death) work.

As each day passes I witness the subtle changes in the forest. In spring I watch the ferns shoot out small spiraled shoots from a bed of dead ancestors. I watch them unwind as they eventually begin to reach for the sun. In fall I watch the wilted leaves change color and fly away into the wind.

The other day I saw this cute fern. It looks like none of the others. It's incredibly

cute isn't it? It looks like it's saying "Look what I can do!". I wonder if it was looking at a cedar tree for inspiration.

There's no shame in growing up to be different in nature. All is accepted. We can forget that we are part of nature. We are this fern. We can grow however we feel - and it can be way different than anyone else. Inspiration is everywhere. The beauty belongs to the diversity. So, lets learn from nature and all be a little more like this fern. Try a little less hard to fit in.

Check out this link to learn about some of the health benefits of walking in the woods.

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