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Widen Your Circle of Compassion

Well, we had Christmas. And what a great time of year to help us to remember to widen our circle of compassion. But what if we kept that feeling in our hearts all year long? What if we build our compassion circle each year? Can we care more with every year that passes? Can we give more with every year that passes? (And by give more, I do not mean buy more plastic disposable crap!).

I mean give to people who need a hand, make a meal for a single neighbor, be there for someone who needs a friend, or find a way to donate and give someone the gift of life by buying them a bug net. (

We can always do better, do more. Instead of making this year's resolution about losing ten pounds (who cares?!) Why not make it about being a person who helps and who cares about the people and the world around them?

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